World Rally Championship 2023

Rally Sweden Umea 2022 Foto Tony Welam

We will be hosting guests again for the WRC23. We will have a breakfast buffet every morning starting at 5:00, and after a long day of rally enthusiasm the restaurant will be open, serving a Rally menu and serving alcohol. Also we are arranging that there will be a big tv playing the stages of the day!

Package possibilities:

Lunch Package (we provide a full lunch package that you take to the rally, details of the package will be announced early in 2023*)

Sauna Package (we have a 12 people sauna and a 6 people sauna available, this can be booked in advance)

Drive Rally! Also we will have a Rally Simulator playing WRC Generations, where everyone can compete in the stages. The fastest one will get a nice reward

A compilation we shot in 2022.