About Kronlund

The 1st of November 1905 is an important date in the history of Kronlund kursgård. That is when the, then called, Hällnäs forest school opened up for the first time. It was the first school of its kind in the north of Sweden. 58 men applied the first year, most of them from Västerbotten or Norrbotten, most of them with a background in forest work. Which proved the necessity of the school at the time. Out of these 58 people, 14 were chosen for the first year.

But the history of Kronlund kursgård begin several years before that. The deep, forest area that the school was built upon is namned Kronlund. (It was owned by the crown hence the name kron=crown, lund=grove.) It was chosen because of the areas magnificent beauty. It is said that the master hunter that was living and working here at the time, painted a picture of the area and sent it to the royal municipal board, where the decision was made to use the area for the school. The 26th of April 1904 contracter P Byström began construction of the buildings we work in today. The same buildings we have been restoring since 2020, 116 years later.

Hällnäs forest school was active until 1965. During its 63 year run 1017 students had been taught and graduated the school. Most of which continued their career as rangers, forestry consultants and hunters. There had been 11 different principals, 11 foresters and 14 teachers employed. As well as one craftsman, and one housemother Lotten Nilsson who became locally known.

In the 1990s the property was owned by the University of Umeå and was then named Kronlund kursgård which means Kronlund courseyard, keeping to the properties history in education. It was bought by Peter Gren in 2006, who used it for conferences and events. 2015 it was sold again to Bert Karlsson who housed asylum seekers. The company was eventually bankrupted and Kronlund Kursgård stood empty until 2020 when it was finally bought by the Kleinherenbrink family.