Bergnäs 105, Vindeln, Västerbotten (Sweden)

+46 73 918 66 10


Have a look at what type of activities you can have while visiting Kronlund Kursgård

Ice skating

Together with our partners in Lycksele (45 mins away from Kronlund) we have the option for ice skating, this activity is very popular among our Dutch guests. When notified when our guests want to go skating, we call ahead to our contact in Lycksele to make sure the track is free from snow. This is a unique experience with allot of laughter and great for the kids.


On your vacation to the north we can arrange an adventurous trip through the forests of the north on snow scooters. We arrange this with a local company so you have all the equipment and a guide that will take you through this magical landscape. On this trip you will have the experience of a lifetime and a nice moment for some Swedish fika! Make sure to book this activity as soon as possible, since this is a big desire for every winter vacation, we want to book it for you as soon as possible!

Snowshoe walk

On our own location we host the activity snow shoe walking. We take a hike through the dreamlike landscape that is around our property. Fantastic pictures can be taken on the way while we go through the forest and over the frozen Vindeln river. Taking a break at the grill hut for a meal that is cooked on open fire, and then to be free to challenge the landscape that we have around. The most common remark we have heard in these walks are "I never thought i would enjoy this so much" and "Its impossible to take a bad picture on this trip"


We can offer our guests to go dog sledding in the beautiful dreamlike snowy landscape that the north has to offer. Make sure you book your vacation 3 months ahead of time so we can make sure we have you booked in to our local partners.